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FIA Conference 2014 > Blog > What is the Biggest Challenge Facing Fundraisers Today?

What is the Biggest Challenge Facing Fundraisers Today?

What is the Biggest Challenge Facing Fundraisers Today?

Posted By: FIA
On: Wed 11 December 2013

What is the Biggest Challenge Facing Fundraisers Today?

Brilliant question, and quite possibly the one that most fundraisers would choose to have answered if given the opportunity to ask it of the experts!

Well that is exactly what we have done, and besides the amazing insights available at Conference 2014, some of our speakers have shared their thoughts exclusively on this big question.

Martin Paul, Director More Strategic:

  • Getting and keeping donors.
  • Getting and keeping talented fundraisers.
  • Differentiating yourself from other charities.
  • Working with the board to support investment.
  • Harnessing the power of data.

Alan Clayton, Clayton Burnett:

Being strategic! Or more precisely, finding the time, the skills and the support to be as strategic in fundraising as possible to achieve that dynamic duo: effectiveness and efficiency. Even better if that can be a terrific trio of outcomes that includes sustainability because strategy breeds a longer time approach to resourcing and measurement.

Why strategy? Because stopping to think and plan is something we don’t do enough as we fire fight through too many opportunities and issues, yet it is the one factor that will prioritise the opportunities and point to the issues worth the effort to resolve.

Strategy cuts across everything in fundraising if you approach it professionally: the right strategic mix of fundraising vehicles, staff and volunteers; strategy par excellence in communication and constituency building for new growth and new loyalty levels; strategic leadership - of teams and organisations to build that elusive culture of philanthropy; sometimes strategic leadership of and with boards and CEOs where fundraising understanding may not be a strength or focus; strategic decisions to build brand strength – an unheralded force in the giving market; strategy to ensure work-life balance in an intense occupation and environment; strategic relationships – peer and donor.

Fundraising is not a challenge. Strategic fundraising is.

Jolene Molloy, Save the Children Australia:

That’s a tough one as there are many challenges and I’m not sure what the biggest one is! Maybe the number of charitable organisations out there. All are worthy causes, but there is only so much funding to go around.

What do you see as the biggest fundraising challenge? Share your thoughts below.

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Stillness and equipping.
Stillness - I agree with Alan about strategy, but Australia is such a nation of do-ers that until we carve out some time from our doing, then we won’t get to the strategy.
Equipping – OK … I’m biased. Without the training to do our jobs, we’ll just end up caught in the urgent. Positioning ourselves for success involves investing in our knowledge and skills.
My favourite quote – “The best way to predict the future is to create it”
Neil VH. FIA Manager, Education and Training.

Why are you here?
What are you trying to accomplish?

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