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FIA Conference 2014 > Blog > Direct Mail Has Had an Amazing Growth Over the Past Few Years - Is it Reaching Saturation?

Direct Mail Has Had an Amazing Growth Over the Past Few Years - Is it Reaching Saturation?

Direct Mail Has Had an Amazing Growth Over the Past Few Years - Is it Reaching Saturation?

Posted By: FIA
On: Sat 1 February 2014

Always a loaded topic, we posed this controversial question to a selection of our experts and the learnings are varied. It seems that this channel still has plenty of potential, and that staying well informed plays a part in its success.

Bianca Ousley MFIA, Community Change Architect, Fish Community Solutions

I'm not too sure whether direct mail has reached a point of saturation, but it certainly is a competitive area, with the majority of donors receiving multiple asks in their mail box. It's important for fundraisers to learn what is working best today, so they can achieve great results for their cause.

Stephen Mally MFIA CFRE, International Principal Consultant, Blackbaud

Only time will tell which fundraising avenues will be with us in the years to come.  That being said, many predicted the death of direct mail years ago and due to the talent of fundraisers, strategy suppliers, and mailhouses, direct mail is still alive and well and growing for many.  I think it is most interesting that there appears to be a wave of attention on retention as of late.

Howard Rally, National Director, Febfast

It depends if we’re content to live with 1% response rates as a definition of success.  When was the last time anyone got out of bed to chase 1%? 

Jolene Molloy MFIA, Gift in Wills Manager, Save the Children Australia

It depends on what it is used for.  It certainly hasn’t reached saturation as a gift in Wills Acquisition tool. As an appeals tool I think the issue is more that most donors support more than one not for profit so are receiving four or five appeals at the same time of year.  This makes their choice on what to support more difficult.

Fiona McPhee, Fundraising Strategy Director, Pareto Fundraising

The data says no. It’s still such a critical part of how one of our core demographic of donors still prefers to communicate and they have a long way to go before they are no longer donors.

What is your experience with Direct Mail, we would love to know if you agree with our experts? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page:

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From our experience Direct Mail is far from dead. The savvy fundraiser with a well defined strategy, uses direct mail as a key component in a broader mix of tools. Be careful with percentages, you can't deposit them in the bank.

Just posted a very similar comment re: 'the death of F2F'' - People have been saying its over or nearly over for years then so many charities were going to raise the same - if not more via e-mail and Facebook 'as they are free'.....except they didn't !! As per F2F, I'd caution -pull out of direct mail at your peril !

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